DWW-126-02 Punch and Kick Disco Fight
Tatjana L vs Tatyana K


Tatjana L
Tatjana L
Tatyana K
Tatyana K
Extreme Fight
Extreme Fight


Match: Tatjana L vs Tatyana K

In a large disco on a balmy summer evening, an outdoor ring is the setting for the Black Sea Amazons to show an aghast public just how tough they are. We hardly see the audience, and while they may have been prepared for a kick-boxing demo, they seem to fall silent as these beautiful girls lay into one another with a vengeance and with almost no rules.
Svjeta is determined to try to beat the beautiful Lessja at all costs but her opponent will have none of it. A truly furious fight ensues. When ash-blonde Tatjana L. faces taekwondo champion Tatyana K., she needs to call on all her considerable experience of street fights to hold her own against the larger girl. Their duel is long, vicious and highly active, with plenty of flying kicks, heavy punches and hair-pulling.
Note that there is load music in the background during the fights at this public show. This may be disturbing for some people, since you cannot hear the usual girl breathing and the sound of landing punches and kicks.

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Two extreme fights featuring Svjeta L (24) vs Lessja (20) and Tatjana L. (21) vs. Tatyana K. (26)

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Duration 27 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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