DWW-127-03 Mixed Martial Arts in Thongs
Tatyana K vs Lessja


Tatyana K
Tatyana K
Extreme Fight
Extreme Fight


Match: Tatyana K vs Lessja

The young women of the Black Sea Amazons may be beautiful but they are also very tough.
Tatyana K. is an international taekwondo champion while Tatjana L. is a champion kickboxer. Almost anything goes in their fights. The audience at the 1999 Women Wrestling Convention in San Diego (WWC99) were clearly impressed by their willingness to punch, kick, pull hair and wrestle in the Convention ring.
Tatjana L. is just as vicious in her bikini battle against Yulia at DWW’s 1998 Summer Event. Yulia’s weight advantage is countered by Tatjana’s lightning speed. In the last fight, the grimaces of stunning brunette Lessja in her most uncompromising fighting mood show her desperate need to beat Tatyana K. in any way.

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Three extreme fights
– from WWC99: Tatjana L. (21) vs. Tatyana K. (26)
– from DWW Summer Event 1998: Tatjana L. (21) vs. Yulia (21), Tatyana K. (26) vs. Lessja (21)

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