DWW-160-02 Catfight Spectatular
Luzia vs Eva


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Luzia vs Eva

From start to finish, this tape contains, almost continuously, some of the most vicious hair-pulling you can see on video. Here are three girl fights without compromise. None of these beauties is about to back down in the face of a challenge from her opponent.
Christie and Ingrid had met before at a private event in 1998. It got nasty and ended in injury. Here is their chance to go at it to a finish in front of their friends from Hungary and the Czech Republic. Ingrid’s opening attack is breathtaking. It gets wild from then on.
Luzia and Eva both know they are the beauty queens of DWW’s contingent. Eventually it had to be settled in the way that girls know how. Luzia is an aggressor and Eva’s attitude is: “if she wants a fight, she can have one!” She gets one. It was Luzia’s first catfight and Eva’s first topless match.
The finale is amazing: Iva is up for anything, and any girl who dares Ingrid on the mat is in for a real fight. An instant classic.

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Three topless catfights
Christie (19) vs. Ingrid (20) from DWW Summer Event 1999
Eva (18) vs. Luzia (18)
Iva (24) vs. Ingrid (20)

Additional information

Duration 20 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 1440×1080 50fps (H.264)

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