DWW-161-02 Luzia makes them cry
Melanie vs Luzia


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Melanie vs Luzia

The fights on this tape all contain displays of great emotion from one or both fighters, because they have something to prove. Luzia has a new self awareness as she scales the DWW ladder – and she’s getting rougher. Melanie is very brave but likes to win. Earlier, Melanie and Luzia had a bad-tempered oil wrestling match (on DWW-145). Melanie decided she wanted to fight Luzia without the equalising effect of oil. Luzia was determined to show the smaller girl who was the real wrestling queen. It’s all here: fast, rough and desperate with tantrums and complaints. Unmissable.
Barbara is bigger than Luzia, and fancied her chances against the rising star, now in a stunning black wet-look bikini, the top of which is not capable of staying on. It’s a real battle of the bathing beauties.
Lenka the gymnast wants to usurp Ingrid’s status as princess of the petite blondes and they face off in a match full of aggression and painful holds.
Antonia and Edina both need to show that they are winners. But which one is the victrix?

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Four wrestling matches, three topless, one in bikinis:
Luzia (18) vs. Melanie (21)
Luzia (18) vs. Barbara (21)
Lenka (19) vs. Ingrid (20)
Antonia (20) vs. Edina P. (25)

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Duration 11 minutes
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