DWW-165-01 Topless Jeans on Grass
Edita vs Luzia


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Edita vs Luzia

All girls wear long jeans and are topless. The first two matches happen in a garden on grass (no mat), while the third match takes place inside on a mat. The first two matches are some of the best submission style wrestling matches we’ve ever seen, particularly the first one. Though the opponents are very skilled and apply extremely painful submission holds, they show respect for each other with absolute sportswomanship. I can already hear many of our fans saying that “this is female submission wrestling as it should be”. The last match is between two novices who are naturally less skilled than the first two pairs. However, they also give 100% and it is a very exciting match. This tape gives you not only beautiful girls in supremely dramatic wrestling action but also a very natural sight since watching beautiful entangled bodies wrestling on grass is a very popular fantasy. Also this tape is a must for all fans of Luzia and Eva!

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Edita (24) vs Luzia (19)
Barbara (21) vs Eva (20)
Petra S. (21) vs Ester (20)

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Duration 21 minutes
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