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Luzia vs Tania


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Luzia vs Tania

Black wrestling star Tania from Belgium was one of DWW’s international guests at the October 2000 Event. She arrived bubbling with confidence, and the first girl she met on the mat was Luzia, also rather confident. So, bring it on! When two proud girls meet on a wrestling mat, the sparks fly, and here you have a long, hard fought, skilled wrestling match. It has been Luzia’s first international match and she had butterflies in her stomach. The atmosphere in Tania’s fight with Edita quickly became even more charged as Edita, faced with a challenge of skill and style, raised her game to show the intruder who was boss. It could have reach classic proportions, but Tania, in contact with nothing but the mat, twisted her knee painfully. The finale is also pure wrestling between Luzia and Edita, filmed just a few hours after a vicious catfight, the loser of which had something to prove. Collectors of genuine skilled topless wrestling will want this tape.

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Three topless wrestling matches
Tania (Belgium, 26) vs. Luzia (19) from DWW October Event 2000 previously released on DWW-N2000
Tania (Belgium, 26) vs. Edita (24) from DWW October Event 2000 previously released on DWW-N2000
Luzia (19) vs. Edita (24) from DWW March Event 2000 previously released on DWW-F2000

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Duration 26 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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