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Lessja vs Addi


Other Girl
Other Girl


Match: Lessja vs Addi

These are some of our best catfights from our last two DWW summer events: In the first one, BSA fighter Lessja faces Israel’s rock band singer Addi. This young woman from Israel is as tough and pretty as you can imagine and she’s as competitive as her hard rock music is. She had one specific wish when she did attend our event: She did want to try a real hairpulling fight on the mat. No other than Lessja was her opponent! In this fight you see some of the most vicious hairpulling between two women ever. At the end there is a clear winner but also a proud loser. In summer 2002 famous Nadege who already proofed herself several times as being the best lightweight submission wrestler in the world challenged the BSA women to a slapping catfight on the grass in halter dresses. First it was Ira_Rm and the next day it was Svetlana K. who tried to show her what the words BSA mean in terms of competition. You have to see how Nadege did! The last match is another catfight in pantyhose, skirts and bras in the apartement between the two tough BSA fighters Ira Rm and Svetlana K. Don’t miss this tape if you want to have genuine and real catfights to the finish between beautiful, 100% fit, strong, skilled and very aggressive women.

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3 international catfights plus one apartment catfight featuring
Lessja (24) vs Addi (30) from S2001-OUT (summer event 2001)
Nadege (20) vs Irina Rm. (26) from A2002-OUT (summer event 2002)
Nadege (20) vs Svetlana Kr. (23) from A2002-OUT (summer event 2002)
Svetlana Kr. (23) vs Irina Rm (26)

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