DWW-195-04 Hardbody vs Kickboxing Girl
Olenia K vs Oksana P


Olenia K
Olenia K
Other Girl
Other Girl
Extreme Fight
Extreme Fight


Match: Olenia K vs Oksana P

Iryna M. first encountered Olenia K. on BSA-131 in their first extreme fight. Here are their second and third battles. Evenly matched, substantial girls who are game for a fight and hold nothing back.
Olga K. also wants to try for a piece of Olenia and finds that emotion is no substitute for a hard punch.
Statuesque brunette sports instructor Oksana P. shows her power, lifting weights and doing pull-ups. She gets a rough introduction to fighting with minimal rules against Olenia K. The match lasts one minute only and it ends with a bloody nose and lip for one of the fighters.
The toughest test is a brutal confrontation between taekwondo champion Tatyana K. and Iryna B. at her most uninhibited. Reputations are at stake as they bury their hands in each other’s hair and go at it without thought of defence, punching and kicking to a finish. It’s rough and it’s real.

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Five extreme fights
Iryna M. (19) vs. Olenia K. (22) – two fights
Olga K. (25) vs. Olenia K. (22)
Oksana P. (22) vs. Olenia K. (22)
Tatyana K. (27) vs. Iryna B. (26)

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Duration 7 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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