DWW-208-05 Naked Oil Wrestling
Edina P vs Timea C


Edina P
Edina P
Timea C
Timea C
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling
Oil Wrestling and Mud Wrestling
Oil Wrestling and Mud Wrestling


Match: Edina P vs Timea C

The female nude is even more erotic when dripping with oil. Two such nudes in a wrestling match is a definite turn-on. Even more so when the fight is truly competitive, as in DWW oil wrestling matches. The ever popular Melanie makes a comeback against beautiful blonde favourite Edina, while two items feature three Czech girls: Andrea, Antonia and Denise. But the longest struggles here star Timea C., the petite raven-haired Hungarian with the considerable chest. She takes on DWW’s Hungarian wrestling queen Kriszta and finally gorgeous Edina. All these beauties fight hard for their pride in the difficult environment of oil, and the squeals and grunts are all the result of genuine combat.

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Five oil wrestling matches,
three nude, two topless
Kriszta (25, nude) vs Andrea N. (26, nude)
Melanie (22, topless) vs Edina P. (26, nude)
Antonia (21, nude) vs Denise (22, nude)
Kriszta (25, nude) vs Timea C. (24, nude)
Edina P. (26, topless) vs Timea C. (24, topless)

Additional information

Duration 21 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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