DWW-210-02 Mixed Humiliating Pins
Luzia vs Honza


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Luzia vs Honza

Mixed wrestling for the lover of female domination. In each of four matches the male is completely dominated and humiliated. The first two are a fantasy in which a macho man comes on to two pretty girls (Luzia and Antonia) like a dickhead. The girls are dressed in mini-skirts and blouses, with hold-up stockings and pantyhose respectively. One after the other they teach him a real lesson while subjecting him, while they are topless, to long, humiliating schoolgirl pins until he is finished off. Real, hard face slapping and even hair pulling is too much for the poor guy. Lots of great trash talk here (subtitles!). The same two girls then go against Honza in more sporting contests. He is also totally dominated and must suffer humiliation between two gorgeous thighs in long, painful schoolgirl pins. If you want to see men equally matched with the girls, don’t buy this tape! If you want to see a man completely humiliated and whining helplessly as he is pinned underneath a very athletic young woman and slapped hard about the face, this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

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Four mixed wrestling matches with domination
Tom (26) vs. Luzia (20) then Antonia (21)
Luzia (20) vs. Honza (19); Antonia (21) vs. Honza (19)

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