DWW-400-02 Nick and the Girls
Nick vs Luzia


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Nick vs Luzia

This is real mixed wrestling backed up by a fantasy scenario to make it even more exciting. First you see Luzia in a summer dress which gives a great view of her strong legs. She soons gets the better of Nick, humiliating him with a great number of long schoolgirl pins. For their rematch indoors, Luzia, wearing a shiny grey bathing suit, finds Nick working out. They argue about whether boys or girls are physically stronger and Luzia challenges Nick to a wrestling match. Of course, he’s completely outclassed, but this time she not only forces him between her legs from on top, in schoolgirl pins, but crushes him with fearsome head scissors. You’d think he’d had enough but he visits Dana to ask about her fights against various girls. Nick insists that girls are weaker (surely he should know better?) but the trick works again – is there a lesson here? Dana wrestles him. Because he had been so badly beaten and humiliated by Luzia, Nick really wanted to show Dana which gender is better. Did he succeed? You already know the answer. All conversations within the matches have English subtitles. Perfect for fans of women truly dominating men in genuine wrestling.

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Three mixed wrestling matches:
Nick (18) vs. Luzia (22) in the garden
Nick (18) vs. Luzia (22) in the apartment
Nick (19) vs. Dana N. (22) in the apartment

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Duration 17 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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