DWW-219-02 Slapping Catfight in the Grass
Jana N vs Andrea N


Andrea N
Andrea N
Jana N
Jana N


Match: Jana N vs Andrea N

When Antonia goes to the hairdressers to prepare for a romantic night with her new boyfriend, the conversation with the cheeky stylist Jana N. quickly highlights a shared interest in the same guy. Despite the scenario beginning, the catfight which follows in the salon is one of the most vicious we know of on video. The slaps are totally genuine and nothing is held back from either them or the wild, wild hair-pulling. The girls are left partly stripped, with pantyhose torn, covered in red welts. This isn’t merely realistic, it’s real. English subtitles reveal that both girls have experience of fights like this. We thought no action would equal that in DWW-202, but this does. These girl truly go at it. In the second part, cocky Jana is jogging in the woods and meets Andrea, whose car won’t start. A cheeky conversation turns into a furious fight in the long grass, during which clothes are ripped off, real, heavy slaps delivered and hair pulled without mercy. For fans of slapping, hair-pulling, pantyhose, real fighting and schoolgirl pins.

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Jana N. (18) vs. Antonia (21)
Jana N. (18) vs. Andrea N. (26)

Additional information

Duration 34 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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