DWW-250-02 Topless Catfight on the Bed
Luzia vs Eva Sch


Eva Sch
Eva Sch


Match: Luzia vs Eva Sch

Here are three scenarios of domestic trouble. And no, you don’t want to try this at home! This tape gets better and better as it goes on. The first fight, though intense, is a warm-up, especially with Luzia’s make-up scene at the beginning. The second match is absolutely furious, but the last item is an apocalypse of a catfight. The running time of the action is ten minutes less than total stated, because we left in Luzia’s make-up scene (a sponsor’s request), since it was so sweet and many of you will love it. After Luzia has made up, Denise tells her that with her white platform lace-up boots, white stockings and too much make-up, she looks like a whore… the fight is on! All over the bed and throughout this tiny apartment. Aggressive hair-pulling, slaps, face-sitting, headscissors and many more holds, until one woman is completely finished. In the second scenario, Luzia catches Eva Sch. stealing and gives her a slap. Both are shower-fresh, wearing skimpy thongs, their bodies still wet. They fight and slap and pull hair. The winner squeezes the face of the loser into her crotch and nearly suffocates her. The last situation is the apocalypse. Jana N. arrives to find her boyfriend having sex with Eva Sch. She’s so angry that Eva has nothing to be amused at. Eva gets slapped raw like meat, has her hair pulled out and becomes a helpless victim of the furious Jana. If you liked the hairdressing salon fight in DWW-219, here is more of the same, only even more amazing! One thing we do know: you too will be flattened by watching just one of these fights. We don’t need to exaggerate: here on this 250th DWW video are some of our most aggressive real catfights to date.

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Three real catfights in scenarios
Luzia (21) vs. Denise (23)
Luzia (21) vs. Eva Sch… (21)
Jana N (19) vs. Eva Sch… (21)

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