DWW-163-05 Project Newton
2nd Camera Luzia vs Barbara


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: 2nd Camera Luzia vs Barbara

Well, most of you know the famous picture by the photo artist Helmut Newton called “The Big Nudes”: When looking at this great and stylish photo, we expect almost everybody asks which of the four would come out on top if they had a hairpulling catfight? Well, we asked this question, too. Then the idea became a fantasy and since we can (sometimes) make our fantasies reality, we had the dream of getting together 4 of the most popular and attractive DWW wrestlers who do catfights to find out.
First let them pose as “The Big Catfighters” synonyme to Newton’s “The Big Nudes”, and then let them fight. Since we believe that nude is less sexy than feminine dressed – and also since those 4 would not want to do a nude match -, we let them pose in evening gowns and then you may strip them into their (topless) underwear if you want. This was a hairpulling catfight with rules, submissions only. Everything was allowed except punching, scratching and biting. The combatants had to start in their evening gowns and fight to the first fall. After the first fall, the loser had to strip to her panties and stockings while the winner could decide if she wants to keep her gown on or if she would like to strip topless too. After the second submission, both had to be topless in panties and stockings, however, they now could decide theirselves if they want to take off their silk stockings or keep them on. The minimum length of each fight was set at around 15 minutes, with the first match-deciding submission to occur after the 15 minutes had elapsed determing the winner.
We can assure you that there were plenty of submissions in these matches! This is a special edition with never before released scenes from our second camera (partial matches, the full match is on the main camera only) and some action from behind the scenes. This is a new collectors item!

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3 catfights featuring
Renata (27) vs. Eva (18)
Luzia (19) vs Barbara (21),
plus the two winners in the final match

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