DWW-259-01 The Struggle of a Lifetime
Jana N vs Anna L


Anna L
Anna L
Jana N
Jana N
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Jana N vs Anna L

Sometimes,when two women meet, there is an instant, inexplicable but immediate rivalry. It’s often primal and lasts for ever. So it is here. From the moment they met, there was a deep grudge between these two. When they face each other in a fight, the world is shut out. Nothing matters except winning. They are opposites. Jana is tallish, slim, very cocky. Anna is petite, buxom, self-aware. Their match in Ibiza has already become legendary. Anna wanted to bring Jana down a peg and teach her a lesson. The fight was long and hard, the winner was lucky. In the rematch at the Summer Event you could feel the electricity as they squared off. The ref. felt as if he should have insulating gloves. One experienced fan said it was the best wrestling match he had ever seen. Don’t deny yourself this experience!

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Jana N. (18) vs. Anna L. (22) from DWW in Ibiza 2002, previously released on F2002-IBIZA
Jana N. (19) vs. Anna L. (22) from the DWW Summer Event 2002, previously released on A2002-MAT

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