DWW-302-03 Long-Time Rivals
Antscha vs Anna L


Anna L
Anna L
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Antscha vs Anna L

If you prefer long, evenly-matched fights in which the final outcome is unpredictable until the very end, this is for you. In each of these three, long fights neither girl wants to give even the slightest opportunity to the other, let alone a pin or a submission, with the result that there are very few falls. The first two matches are also international challenges, with the girls from each nationality cheering on their fighter, and consequently plenty of pride at stake.
The first fight is between unskilled but feisty brunette beauty Laila and newcomer Hajnal. Each wants to teach the other a lesson and it’s a real “school brawl”. No love lost on either side. You can see and hear just how excited the final winner was.
In the second bout, two long-term rivals face each other again: Timea C. and Monika N. Their legendary boxing matches have effectively been bar-room brawls to a finish (on S2001-BOX, A2002-BOX), their wrestling has never been less than edgy (try S2001-MAT), and we knew they would try to settle it once and for all, here on the mat. It’s intense!
Finally, amazing babes Anna and Antscha have been natural competitors since they first met, and each time they wrestle the winner has been the one who could tough it out the longest. It’s no different here, you can almost touch the crackling electricity in this classic blonde / brunette battle.

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Three topless wrestling matches on the mat
Laila (20) vs. Hajnal (20)
Monika N. (21) vs. Timea C. (26)
Antscha (24) vs. Anna L. (23)

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Duration 16 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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