DWW-261-01 Man Under Domination
Luzia vs Tom


Non-Competitive Wrestling
Non-Competitive Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Luzia vs Tom

This is for fans of mixed wrestling who like to see the women dominating the men, sitting on them in long, dominating schoolgirl pins until the men submit, completely humiliated. We know these fans do not mind if these matches are not fully competitive, but they love seeing men hopelessly outclassed by women. Such encounters are to be found here. When we thought a guy had a good chance of winning, we simply doubled up on his female opponents, so they could overpower him together! In the first match in Luzia’s apartment, our gorgeous fitness dream-girl sits on Tom in her apartment with his head between her strong thighs for as long as she likes, and yes, she likes! Tom is completely humiliated and helpless. In the second match, lithe Jana N. teaches young newcomer Nick a lesson he will never forget. He has never been pinned so embarrassingly, particularly in front of a small audience of girls looking on. The third match is on the mat, where Tom is in trouble on again as both Denise and Jana (in school uniform) tackle him together. Finally, Alain is no match for Eva. While she’s sitting on him, we imagine all you guys will dream about the chance of substituting for this poor guy as he is squashed mercilessly beneath such unimaginably beautiful thighs….

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Four topless mixed wrestling matches
Tom (26) vs. Luzia (22)
Nick (18) vs. Jana N. (19)
Tom (26) vs. Denise (24) and Jana N. (19)
Alain (26) vs. Eva (21)

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Duration 23 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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