DWW-264-05 Cheerleaders Topless Boxing
Monika N vs Camilla


Monika N
Monika N
Special Dress
Special Dress


Match: Monika N vs Camilla

Stripped to the waist, wearing just “cheeky hot-pants”, young beauties fight it out for real over five short rounds, with light gloves so as not to tire the novices. This is real boxing – just not very skilled – more like arranged fist fights. Some, like Eva, are even technically promising. Besides expertise, the difference between these fights and what viewers can see from some of the more cynical professional women’s matches on TV is that here, nothing is held back. None of these cute, slender girls is there to earn an easy extra points victory over an opponent prepared to coast over the distance for a TV fee or a career start. DWW girls want to win and are prepared to fight to the limit to do so. They get completely carried away: very little defence – their faces are quickly red from lots of hard blows and the lust of the fight. There is nothing half-hearted, faked, or powder-puff. Pride is at stake. This is natural girl fighting at its very best, in the open air, in a makeshift ring, on a grassy canopy, in front of a few friends. Denise likes a chance to show the other girl who’s boss, but if any girl challenges Eva to a fight, she accepts. Wow! Eva’s meeting with plucky newcomer Vivienne is also testing, as the new girl hits out. When you see Martina you will take a very deep breath- what a cute little blonde! For the second part, if you ever fantasised about cheerleaders getting into a fight – it’s fulfilled here between two teams of gorgeous protagonists desperate to beat the other girls up. No other source offers anything remotely like this. Unbelievably exciting, even for those who claim not to like female boxing!

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Six topless boxing matches outdoors
Eva (20) vs. Denise (23)
Eva (20) vs. Vivienne (25)
Martina R. (18) vs. Monika N. (19)
Martina R. (18, “Beauties” cheerleader) vs. Romana (18, “Beasts” cheerleader)
Camilla (18, “Beauties” cheerleader) vs. Monika N. (19, “Beasts” cheerleader)
Eva (19, “Beauties” cheerleader) vs. Romana (18, “Beasts” cheerleader)

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