DWW-265-01 Garden Boxing
Edita vs Jana N


Jana N
Jana N


Match: Edita vs Jana N

DWW’s unique Garden Boxing series is about genuine fights – no fake knockouts or blood or video cuts, no retirement owing to displaced lip gloss and no Californian ref. to interrupt the action as soon as a prosthetic breast looks as if it might actually get hit, not least because it’s all natural! (Not because we don’t like California – we imported some provocative “cheeky pants” especially for these fights.) In other words, no messing about! If you took two girls-next-door who just wanted to take it outside, and organised it safely, Garden Boxing is what you’d get. On this tape you see experienced, determined fighters like Edita, complete novices such as biker Jana L., and two girls just out of school, Camilla and Romana, still carrying puppy-fat, who have been in fights “behind the bike sheds” and are not about to give up to any girl, let alone in a home-made boxing ring. Sexy new blonde Nicky is willing to have a go at anything, while her opponent, Monika, is young enough to remember that a short while ago she too deposed other “queens of combat”. They go at it with abandon. Look for great new find Vivienne, who afterwards commented “perhaps boxing should be my new career!” and was brave enough to get into the ring with Jana N., whose only idea of combat is nothing less than an all-out fight.

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Six topless boxing matches outdoors
Edita (27) vs. Jana N. (18)
Denise (22) vs. Jana L. (23)
Vivienne (25) vs. Marcela (28)
Camilla (18) vs. Romana (18)
Nicky (18) vs. Monika N. (20)
Vivienne (25) vs. Jana N. (19)

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Duration 13 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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