DWW-266-01 Topless Boxing in the Garden
Tiffany vs Petra




Match: Tiffany vs Petra

It’s the turn of the big girls in these exciting fights. DWW’s unique Garden Boxing series is about “girls-next-door”, who are fit but not trained boxers, stripping off, donning light boxing gloves, and trying with all their heart and strength to punch the lights out of their opponent in a few (usually five) short (usually 1 or 1½ minute) rounds. They really go at it, especially when the other girls are watching, because they know they can go all out in the time. Besides, they desperately want to look brave and to win. Pride is at stake. If you want professional boxing, amateur boxing with headguards and trained footwork, or siliconed models faking it badly, look elsewhere. This action is real. Highlights of these fierce little fist fights include a busty blonde called Cathy N. getting a tremendous working over by Denise, a genuine knockout in the only indoor match, that between Tiffany and Antonia, and the first ever meeting between newcomer Daniela and Barbara, which turns into a real brawl. You can also feel the high tension rivalry between Petra and Tiffany, while the latter’s tall, slim sister Cathy wants to prove to us all that she’s a real fighter. For fans of a ladies’ punch-up it’s not to be missed.

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Seven topless boxing matches, six outdoors
Tiffany (25) vs. Petra (23)
Barbara (23) vs. Daniela (23)
Denise (25) vs. Clara N. (22)
Tiffany (25) vs. Antonia (21)
Denise (25) vs. Edita (27)
Barbara (22) vs. Jitka W. (25)
Cathy (21) vs. Jitka W. (25)

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Duration 12 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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