MOVIES-903 Tiffany vs Kimbra


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Tiffany is one of the biggest and strongest female wrestlers who has already had international wrestling matches versus some of the strongest women available. Kimbra however has become the best skilled and strongest HWW wrestler meanwhile. She’s never submitting and she can always escape from the most difficult and most painful holds. Tiffany has all hands full with flexible and strong Kimbra and it’s a truly competitive wrestling match and most exciting and sporting until the last minute. Although there’s no love lost between them, they’re wrestling fair and respectful, otherwise it could have become even too dangerous for those strong and experienced wrestlers. This is real wrestling at its highest level and well worth watching for every sports wrestling fan. Please note: The first 9 minutes of this video are an introduction of all wrestlers participating in this event with their great biceps flexing plus a short test of strength presentation. The real wrestling time of this video is therefore the time given minus those beautiful, exciting, thrilling and interesting first 9 minutes of the introduction.

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