DWW-274-03 Spring Event, The Novices
Simona vs Renate K


Renate K
Renate K
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Simona vs Renate K

Newcomers fight each other in very intense battles. The girls are new but not wholly unskilled, since they had a lot of training and some matches before – in fact the first two fights on this tape are rematches of encounters in DWW-269, in which the combatants want not only get a second victory or reverse an earlier defeat, but do it in front of the cognoscenti and their friends. If you like hard, often ruthless struggles in which natural, raw power is used by a girl to defeat and dominate her opponent, you’ll want this. You’ll see great schoolgirl pins, reverse face-sits, crushing scissors, happy, surprised winners and some humiliated losers. Teenager Laila is certainly one of the best finds of the last three years and will soon have long queues of fans requesting to see more from her. She meets Pettula, who’s a very pretty, mature woman and who does not want to lose against this teenager. Eva P. and Simona obviously both go to the same hairdresser and are similarly big chested. They are more ambitious than they’re strong, but it’s a great match. Finally, strong newcomer Renate K., a gymnast like Lenka, shows you that even newcomers love it when they can make their opponent cry out in despair as they try to sit on her face. Simona tries to show Renate that she’s strong too, but Renate enjoys applying any kind of schoolgirl pin and is perfectly merciless. She obviously just likes looking down into the face or even sitting on the face of a desperate loser and humiliating her.

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Three topless wrestling matches
Pettula (31) vs. Laila (19)
Simona (24) vs. Eva P. (27)
Simona (24) vs. Renate K. (21)

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Duration 30 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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