DWW-276-01 Novice vs Skilled
Lenka vs Pettula


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Lenka vs Pettula

The second volume of novices against veterans starts with a major challenge for Pettula. Lenka is no easy opponent because she’s a former world class athlete and knows how to move her body to effect. But Pettula just isn’t up to receive a beating by a smaller blonde who is also younger. In the second match, newcomer Ella tries to teach Denise but Denise isn’t about to let the redhead play with her. Challenge Denise and you had better be prepared for a fight, because you get nothing less. The third item is a battle of the gymnasts, Lenka and Renate K. We don’t know who is better on the bar or the double somersault, but those techniques lose relevancy in a test of strength and aggression, and now we do know who’s the “better woman”. Have you ever wanted to see two real world-class gymnasts fight it out on the mat, topless? Here it is, and it includes some great schoolgirl pins. The last match, not in the series, was a private match between experienced German Susanne and DWW’s Clara. Both girls are very slim in the bust, and quite strong. Although Susanne is very experienced and had clearly won all her recent matches when she appearing for other producers, she finds that the level of wrestling skill demanded at DWW is much higher. Clara shows no pity or respect for the older German woman and crushes her with some great headscissors!

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Pettula (novice, 31) vs. Lenka (“veteran”, 23)
Ella (novice, 26) vs. Denise (“veteran”, 24)
Renate K. (novice, 21) vs. Lenka (“veteran”, 23)
Susanne (36) vs. Clara (23)

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Duration 14 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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