DWW-278-01 Giants of the Mat
Barbara vs Petra


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Barbara vs Petra

A festival of big, muscular, skilled wrestlers in serious competitive action. First, the long awaited topless fight from DWW’s March 2003 Event between Petra and Barbara. It’s followed by a long, hard, topless struggle between Clara and Daniela. On the same day, Daniela also challenged Petra in one-piece suits, curtailed since Daniela injured her knee. Then Edita pits her considerable talent against Petra. Both wear bikinis. Despite Edita’s speed, skill and experience, she has to accept that Petra is much heavier and a very strong woman who shows no mercy. The finale is Daniela’s comeback after injury. She worked out hard during her recovery and returned stronger and more honed. She challenged the strongest opponent possible: Tiffany! Both wear bikinis, although the tops do not always stay in place. This turned into a hard struggle for Tiffany, who looks surprised to see what a serious, tough opponent Daniela has become. Could she even take the crown away from Tiffany? Great competition between some of the strongest wrestling women on earth.

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Five wrestling matches, two topless
Barbara (24) vs. Petra (25) – topless
Daniela (24) vs. Clara (23) – topless
Daniela (24) vs. Petra (25) – one-piece suits
Edita (29) vs. Petra (25) – bikini
Tiffany (27) vs. Daniela (24) – bikini

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Duration 10 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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