DWW-296-02 Introducing Nastassja
Luzia vs Nastassja S


Nastassja S
Nastassja S
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Competitive topless wrestling matches on the mat
Luzia (22) vs. Nastassja S.(19, BSA)

At her debut, Nastassja is probably the best and one of the prettiest female athletes ever to have been brought forward to fight in a video production. As young and as pretty as she is, she already won several national and international championships in boxing, kickboxing as well as in Muay Thai. Honestly, she’s too good to be true for our community and you’ll know what we mean when you follow up her matches she’s had during this 2003 summer event in boxing, extreme fighting, arm wrestling and on our wrestling mat. She’s got the attitude, the beauty and the athletic background for becoming an international TV star.
Therefore we thought we’d show you something more of this tremendous, pretty athlete, including a short interview. This intelligent student who can speak German fluently can also deliberately change her personality within minutes from an elegant young lady to a brutal and merciless tigress in the ring to a playful, lesbian schoolgirl who enjoys teasing the defenceless hormones of men. She’s like a chameleon – and that smile!
We were so lucky she agreed to have a wrestling match (the first in her life!) against none other than the experienced Luzia. Don’t miss this battle of the athletic blonde beauties!

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