DWW-318-02 Ultra-competitive Mixed Wrestling
Nick vs Antonia


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Nick vs Antonia

For fans of ultra-competitive mixed wrestling, this video features a willing but gangly young man against fit, skilled, well trained, gorgeous topless girls. Ostensibly even though the matches should be, the first is Nick’s debut. He is enthusiastic but unskilled, and his opponent is beautiful, toned Monika. Not only must he endure her deceptive physical strength and sexy muscles but the intimate feeling of this lovely, bare-breasted female pressing his body to the mat. Worse, a large group of girls looks on with curiosity. He fights furiously for his male honour but to no avail. A year later, Nick has grown up and is more experienced but Antonia gives him a hard time with some cruel head scissors. For the finale, Nick faces wondrously lovely Laila – tall, strong, and just at the end of her teens. Nick has improved but Laila has pride too, and she fights to win. We believe this is one of the sexiest and hardest fought mixed wrestling matches we’ve ever filmed.

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Three topless mixed wrestling matches
on the mat
Monika N. (21) vs. Nick (18);
Antonia (24) vs. Nick(19);
Laila (20) vs. Nick (19)

Additional information

Duration 18 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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