DWW-322-01 Four Blondes Wrestle at Home
Pettula vs Renata B


Renata B
Renata B
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Pettula vs Renata B

This four-way elimination tournament features experienced blonde wrestler Lenka and three other delightful blondes who have notched just a few mat combats on their thongs. If you want to see pretty, shapely blondes in a fight while wearing almost nothing, you must not pass this by. The newcomers are strong and determined. The wide age range, from the “budding rose” to the “real woman”, makes for some fascinating fights as the older girls’ pride is threatened by the energy of the youngsters, and the young ones intend to prove they are better than their elders. They wrestle in their living room for pins and submissions, in real fights, with a winner and a loser. Mostly intense and thrilling, there is one stalemate when a novice refuses to give to a more experienced wrestler, but as a counterbalance, this match is a festival of long, intense headlocks. Just imagine if these girls were wrestling in your own front room – it could happen, you know! What wins the tournament? Skill or aggression? Age or Youth?

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Four-way topless apartment wrestling tournament
Pettula (33) vs. Renate B. (27)
Dana N. (21) vs. Lenka (23)
plus the matches for third and first place.

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Duration 21 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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