DWW-328-01 Pins in Sumo Loin Clothes
Luzia vs Edita


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Pin Only


Match: Luzia vs Edita

This Luzia special begins with accomplished wrestler Luzia taking on a wily opponent in the even more experienced and very trim Edita, with her “Olympic style” background. Wearing sumo wraps over their thongs they try bear-hugs and “kneeling sumo” before wrestling for a body press. As the struggle progresses they add schoolgirl pins, cross-body presses and grapevines to their repertoire in a masterpiece of elegant wrestling and long pins. No submission holds here, just plenty of locked legs and bodies mashing against each other and merging into one in a trial of strength and skill.
For the second match Luzia meets Clara in the garden when both their bodies are wet. On the grass, they test each other in hard, breast-to-breast bear hugs, intertwined body presses, and fight it out first for a pin and then for submissions. These two have beautiful, athletic bodies with powerful legs which they use against each other without inhibition in this test of strength.

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Two wrestling matches, indoors and outside
Luzia (23) vs. Edita (30) in the apartment
Luzia (22) vs. Clara (23) on the grass

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