DWW-337-03 Boys and Girls Fight
Martin vs Dana N


Dana N
Dana N
Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Martin vs Dana N

Martin is an athletic young man. A well muscled rugby player, he can look back on an already long career with DWW, where he has developed into a pretty experienced wrestler. His first match here, in 2003, is against Edita. Though Martin is very strong, women are more flexible and usually quicker than men. Topless Edita shows him that a good, strong female wrestler can even take on a rugby player and give him a hard time. The other two matches were filmed in 2004. Gorgeous Laila, in tight jeans and a top, takes on Martin, just in his jeans. Laila fights hard to contain this strong young man and does an excellent job, making him suffer, even cry out in pain from her long, cruel legs and slamming grapevines. Not to be outdone, Martin retaliates in kind. Then Laila’s beautiful blonde friend Dana tries to show Laila that she can do as well, as she forces Martin’s head between her jean-encased thighs, and squeezes. Martin doesn’t like losing to women, so he fights back. These matches are fully competitive and you should not mind if Martin wins a fall or even a match

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Three mixed wrestling matches on grass
Martin (19) vs. Edita (29)
Martin (19) vs. Laila (21)
Martin (19) vs Dana N. (22)

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