DWW-344-03 Two Girls Wrestling One Man
Benny vs Dana N and Laila


Dana N
Dana N
Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Benny vs Dana N Laila

Benny is a big, strong boy! At only 19 he is massive and muscular. And he knows how to wrestle. But Tiffany is as tall as he, no-nonsense aggressive and more experienced. Benny is tough enough to give her a hard time but he has not reckoned on Tiffany using some female tricks at the end to get a small advantage! Edita, in day wear which bursts open, challenges him to wrestle so she can show what years of training and fast reactions can do. Can he survive? After two hard fights he is gets a well deserved prize: a match against two of the prettiest girls at once. Dana and her best friend Laila are both dressed in paper-thin girlie underwear – little blue vests and pink knickers. Cute? – they’re traffic-accident hot. Trying to pin Benny as best they can, or make him give, they work at each end or in tandem. He must have thought he was in heaven when they deliberately sandwiched him. But see yourself what else happens. Mixed wrestling fans who want to see a big, muscular boy oevrpowering two stunning girls must not miss this.

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Benny (19)) vs. Tiffany (28)
Benny (19) vs. Edita (30)
Benny (19) vs. Dana N. (22) and Laila (21) – 2 vs.1

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