FOM-494 Laila vs Cem


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Imagine that a few years after you had left school you are lucky and you meet the most beautiful girl of your school class again. You remember her having been the best sports girl in your class and you had always dreamt about her strength, about her muscles and about her beautiful body and you always wondered about how strong she might be. You immediately realised that she’s as beautiful and fit as she had been during your school days. Now she’s here again and she challenges you for a wrestling match. Would that be too good to be true? Not necessarily for Cem who is the same age as Laila and who shared the classroom with her when they were kids. Making his day even more exciting for him, she did wear her school uniform in this match, stripping one piece after another after each fall. Cem hates losing against girls but he remembers from school that Laila is a very strong and athletic girl. Of course she’s proving that soon and she’s even more aggressive and quick than he had thought that she would be. We believe that this match represents a real dream for many of you although that dream had only come true for Cem. But perhaps someday you’ll also meet the best looking sports girl of your school days once again (e.g. during a High School Class Reunion) and then she likes you so much that she’d challenge you for a wrestling match, too? However, before you agree to wrestle her we strongly recommend that you should definitely watch this match for knowing in advance about what you might expect to happen then.

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