DWW-354-04 Karine Fights at DWW
Lenka vs Karine


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Lenka vs Karine

Karine is a very pretty, athletic German wrestler, currently trained by well known German wrestler Susanne, who made many visits to DWW in the past. This is Karine’s first visit to DWW and we believe that this won’t be her last. We hope our customers will like her as much as we do. This was the first time in her life to have really tough opponents who knew how to wrestle. She was so excited and confident as she stepped on to the mat for her first match against Antscha. We thought Antscha, who has above average skill and about equal musculature, would be a suitable challenge for Karine’s first battle. Later in the day Karine tried her luck with Laila, who is more slender, but tall and very aggressive. Then Laila’s sunny friend Dana took on Karine in a long thriller of classic beauty. Finally, Karine had a go at the much smaller Lenka. We think it’s unlikely you will ever find an hour of wrestling with so many pretty girls –they’re gorgeous! If you like honest, genuine international topless wrestling between stunning blondes with plenty of pride at stake, please don’t miss this great release.

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Four topless wrestling matches on the mat:
Antscha (26) vs. Karine (23)
Laila (21) vs. Karine (23)
Dana N. (22) vs. Karine (23)
Lenka (24) vs. Karine (23)

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Duration 24 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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