DWW-364-03 Novices’ round robin
Silvia N vs Dolores


Silvia N
Silvia N
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Silvia N vs Dolores

Many fans like watching not just good, strong wrestlers but novices going at it for the first time. Here they are! Three gorgeous, slim, fit teenagers, who don’t know each other, taking each other on in the first wrestling matches of their lives. As different as they are, they have one thing in common – all want to find out what it’s like to fight another girl and try to win. Don’t expect any skill – there isn’t any – just what some fans prefer. However, there is pride at stake in the ultimate physical test – a fight. To reduce the risk of injury they start kneeling, and the round robin format shows up who is best, fittest, strongest and most aggressive. The girls were very excited because they had no idea how they would compare, while we are excited to see them so uninhibited, pressing bare breasts against each other, thighs and crotches intimately interlocked, breathing heavily in long body presses or shrieking with effort. Who wins? Tiny, blonde, upper class cutie Silvia – a great squash player, street gang member Dolores – who relishes dishing out schoolgirl pin humiliation or dreamy, slim brunette model Monika? Don’t bet, get!

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Three topless apartment wrestling matches
Silvia N. (18) vs. Monika T. (18)
Dolores (19) vs. Monika T. (18)
Silvia N. (18) vs. Dolores (19)

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Duration 18 minutes
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