DWW-390-03 Young and Aggressive
Silvia N vs Ayse


Silvia N
Silvia N
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Silvia N vs Ayse

Summer Event 2005
Fans of younger, less experienced fighters will appreciate these matches. Turkish Ayse and Suparni were guests as part of the German TAC team and are almost newcomers to wrestling. The competition DWW offered was provided by two pretty teenagers who started recently, in Silvia and Orsi. Each girl on this video is fighting from within a team of supporters, in front of whom she wants to win. For the third match one girl asks for a rematch, after having learnt from what she saw during the previous days, in the hope of turning the tables. Was she successful? The last item was one of the best wrestling matches of the event. Arranged as a pins only match both girls got so aggressive they often tried to make their opponent submit instead. You’ll hear cries of exhaustion, hurt and aggression during this fight and the word “bitch” was use more than once. These two are made for each other and we look forward to more chances to match them up in different styles. If you’re a real girl wrestling fan you’ll adore this barely contained fight between such lovely, evenly matched and aggressive teens.

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Four topless wrestling matches featuring
Silvia N. (19) vs. Ayse (27)
Orsi (19) vs. Suparni (22)
Silvia N. (19) vs. Ayse (27) rematch
Vladka (18) vs. Orsi (19) pins only

Additional information

Duration 11 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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