DWW-365-01 Round Robin of the Titans
Tiffany vs Daniela


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Tiffany vs Daniela

Tiffany, Daniela and Petra are without doubt the Titans of the wrestling mats. There’s hardly anybody out there who could challenge these three magnificent women. They’re not only big and voluptuous but also so strong that most men would not dare to wrestle them. The winner of this round robin tournament can definitely say that she’s the best. Tiffany, the ex-rower and now rugby player is fit as anyone can be. Petra’s athletic build is founded on legs like tree-trunks. You wouldn’t want to have an argument with her, would you? Finally Daniela, the kind of big woman those of you who like big women dream of. She looks as if she’s stepped live from a Stanton cartoon. All three matches were vigorously hard fought with lots of falls and deadly submissions. There was real weight on the mat and when one of these ladies fell, whatever was underneath took punishment. Don’t miss this if you want to see the three strongest women of DWW in ultimate battles

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Three bikini / topless wrestling matches:
Tiffany (29) vs. Daniela (25)
Daniela (25) vs. Petra (27)
Tiffany (29) vs. Petra (27)

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Duration 20 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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