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Laila vs Luzia


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Laila vs Luzia

This video could well contain the toughest set of matches for any wrestler at an event. Four outstanding matches of Luzia vs Edita, Renata B, Laila and Daniela are featured. There is not a single easy match in the four matches. If you want to see highly skilled, competitive wresting at its best, then this video is for you. No one can deny Edita’s or Luzia’s skill and experience. They know each other well and neither wants to lose to the other in front of their fans. Renata B has shown great improvement and is ready to make a notch in her thong by beating Luzia. A very hard fought match ensues. Don’t make any assumptions as to outcome. Both wrestlers are physically drained by the end of this match. Laila also has something to prove in her desire to reach the upper echelons in wrestling. Can the up and coming star dethrone the skilled veteran? The last match of Luzia vs Daniela is certainly not the least. Some of those in attendance have called this the best match of the event, and possibly the last several events. The tables are turned and it is Daniela who has the size and strength against Luzia’s experience and skill. A battle occurs that is all over the mat with the outcome in doubt until the last fall. Clearly a big, strong beauty like Daniela does not want to lose to a feisty Luzia. In turn, Luzia would like nothing better than to beat the bigger wrestler to demonstrate her skill and competitiveness, especially when it was in front of the critical eyes of her best sponsor. Who prevails? Buy the video and find out.

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Four topless wrestling matches featuring
Luzia (24) vs Edita ( 30)
Luzia (24) vs Renata B (28)
Luzia (24) vs Laila (21)
Luzia (24) vs Daniela (25)

Additional information

Duration 17 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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