FOM-099 Leggy Fighters
Iva vs Laila


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Iva, Laila
Dress: topless
Rules: pins and submissions

This is a type of matchup that had been already requested by a lot of fans. Not only that this is a battle between the generations, it is also a battle of one of the best “old” women vs one of the still inexperienced new ones. After a babypause Iva made her comeback on our mats last month. She worked out hard in the gym to gain the same fitness as she has had before and she was pretty optimistic to beat the meanwhile new, rather unskilled faces whom she didn’t know yet. Ofcourse, 3 years is a long time and the average level of wrestling, fitness and performance has improved since she has left although many fans don’t believe this. Can the experienced woman Iva manage to show young Laila who’s the boss or does she have to learn a lesson from the younger one? Don’t miss to download this intense and exciting match if you are interested to see a battle between the generations.

(The price of this match has been reduced since the video has a quality lower than the usual DWW standards)

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MP4 384×288 25fps (H.264)

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