DWW-370-02 Unskilled but ambitious
Monika T vs Dana N


Dana N
Dana N
Monika T
Monika T
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Monika T vs Dana N

Featuring novices and some one-sided wrestling, fans of fresh faces, very long pins and domination will find much to enjoy here. Silvia N. and Monika T. are two newcomers who try their best and show ambition in every move. They have a future but currently are untrained but beautiful “girls next door”. But they are not as easy to beat as it looks. First, Silvia gives experienced Lenka a tough match and you must look twice to tell these cute blondes apart. The second fight is very sexy. Two gorgeous girls, blonde and brunette, in very long pins with extensive breast-to-breast and body-to-body contact. You may want to weep. The third shows how mean and fierce Ingrid can be, even to teenage beginners. She has no mercy. Finally, the two novice teens go against each other. With intense body presses, these two keen girls roll over and over on the mat exactly as you expect untrained girls to fight. Monika‚Äôs moans become so deeply felt you might believe she enjoyed it in more than just a sporting way. Decide for yourself!

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Four topless wrestling matches:
Lenka (25) vs. Silvia N. (18)
Monika T. (18) vs. Dana N. (22)
Ingrid (26) vs. Silvia N. (18)
Monika T. (18) vs. Silvia N. (18)

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Duration 17 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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