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Vladka vs Lenka


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Vladka vs Lenka

Denise and Dana were rivals from the minute they met. Most girls are rivals of women who, like Denise, come back after a pause, because they fear for their position, attention and appreciation. So this was not an affair of pride but status. Smaller, lighter Dana had to fight or be found wanting. She tried to demolish Denise by kicking her ass before our eyes. But Denise never backs down from a fight. Revenge is in the air next as teenage Vladka, much improved since her debut, tries to take Lenka. Lenka had plenty of revision practice beforehand in the event, while Vladka is bigger but less experienced. Buy to find out! Two days later we filmed gorgeous, superbly toned German Karine as she challenged Hajnal from “DWW Team 2”. This very evenly matched fight became very emotional, especially as muscular Hajnal was defending her home territory in front of her friends. Each gave their all in this electricifying international – you won’t care who wins, such is the quality and dedication on display.

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Three topless wrestling matches:
Denise (25) vs. Dana N. (22)
Vladka (18) vs. Lenka (25)
Karine (23) vs. Hajnal (21)

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