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Clara vs Xana


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Topless Wrestling


Match: Clara vs Xana

If you like slim, fit, muscular women in competitive international wrestling, this is for you. First, Lucy has her hands full with lovely German Karine, who has improved yet again. These girls are about the same age and each very much wants to add the other to the notches on her thong. Wrestling matches don’t come any more competitive and the winner is overjoyed, without any regard for the loser at all. A superb second match features popular, well-muscled Linda, later a French TV reality show contestant, in an even fight with Clara, she of the legendary legs. It’s a festival for scissors fans. From the same private gathering in Belgium, Xana shows Clara she knows well how to use the muscular body of an experienced, mature woman against a better, younger wrestler. Great wrestling action and crushing scissors in this video!

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Three topless wrestling matches:
Lucy H. (22) vs. Karine (23) from free Hamburg event 2005
Clara (23) vs. Linda (31) from private Belgian event in 2003
Clara (23) vs. Xana (33) from private Belgian event in 2003

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Duration 23 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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