DWW-380-02 Topless Oil Wrestling, Hungary vs Belgium
Viktoria M vs Xana


Viktoria M
Viktoria M
Oil Wrestling and Mud Wrestling
Oil Wrestling and Mud Wrestling
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Viktoria M vs Xana

The female body never looks sexier than when covered in baby oil. Despite the difficulty of extracting submissions or pins in such a slippery environment, the wrestling is very competitive and the girls give their all. Sometimes it’s not just their superb bodies but their tiny thongs which slip during the straining, close body contact of the fight. Maryna and Ayse are two dark haired, slim beauties; Viktoria and Xana two curvy, mature women. Both contrast with blonde teenagers Suparni and Orsi. The German guest Suparni defends hard against the pretty young DWW newcomer. Antscha and Karine are pretty, slim, well muscled blondes, their toned and honed bodies perfectly matched. Finally, Evi and Zsuzsa are solid, well developed, big girls with very large breasts.

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Five topless oil wrestling matches featuring
Ayse (27) vs. Maryna M. (23)
Viktoria M. (26) vs. Xana (35)
Suparni (22) vs. Orsi (19)
Antscha (26) vs. Karine (23)
Evi (27) vs. Zsuzsa (21)

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