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Susanne vs Joanna


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Susanne vs Joanna

Usually our long time fans would always place Joanna into the HPC erotic part of our productions. However, she was one of the strongest girls and best wrestlers we’ve had. Because of a painful knee, she always preferred to start her matches from the knees. But this did not at all degrade the action in her matches. She was extremely muscular and was always a nice addition to match ups because she was much older than most other wrestlers, though still strong enough to beat them. The first match was a clash of great skill and power between Joanna and one of her best friends, Susanne from Germany. Joanna needed even more power in a wrestling match vs Svetlana Kr. from the BSA team. This match was quoted to be one of the best matches of that season for enthusiasts of skilled wrestling. The last match on this DVD was one of Joanna’s’ last matches. She faced beautiful Eva, ten years younger than her, but not weaker and not less skilled. Joanna understood how tough this opponent was for her. She refused to lose and fought to exhaustion against this gorgeous and younger girl with whom she was in platonic and one sided love. This match with Eva was sort of a present for Joanna, giving her a match she really wanted and allowing her to enjoy it. But was she successful in winning her dream match?

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3 topless wrestling matches featuring
Joanna (27) vs Susanne (32) from the March 99 event
Joanna (29) vs Svetlana Kr. (21) from the October 2000 event
Joanna (30) vs Eva (20) from the March 2002 event

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Duration 14 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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