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Christie vs Iva


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Christie vs Iva

Christie has always been in only the second row of fan appreciation. However, she deserved better since she was a good judoka who introduced a lot of new moves to the girls of DWW. She was muscular and she liked fighting. I guess she was one of the few girls who did all kinds of wrestling – from erotic to catfights to boxing. Her fate has been that at her time there were also new girls like Melanie or Eva whose popularity was rising. Thus the attention of fans about her wrestling moved into the second class store. But just look at her matches in this video. A great battle between her and Iva first. The second match vs Bella from Israel was an epic battle. A long struggle with both girls having martial arts background and both using it! The girl from Israel is being cheered on by her fans from Israel but you won’t know the outcome of this long struggle to exhaustion until the very last second. If you like two skilled girls wrestling to exhaustion in an international match then don’t miss it! The last one was one of the toughest opponents of her time: Edita. But Christie struggles hard and gives her best, again towards exhaustion. We honour Christie with this video because we believe that she was one of our best, smartest, nicest and friendliest girls ever throughout the existence of DWW.

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3 wrestling matches featuring
Christie (19) vs Iva (25) from the March 99 event (topless)
Christie (19) vs Bella (26) from the March 99 event (non topless)
Christie (20) vs Edita (24) from the March 2002 event (topless)

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Duration 24 minutes
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