DWW-424-02 Fitness Coach Szilvia
Szilvia vs Bea S


Bea S
Bea S
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Szilvia vs Bea S

Pretty Szilvia is a personal fitness trainer in a famous gym. She’s a very strong and fit woman. However, she has only made her first steps into wrestling yet. Although she’s very competitive and enjoys it she still has to learn a lot. In her first match she meets Orsi, equally beautiful but more experienced. We started that match as a pins and submissions match, but soon it was clear that Orsi was too skilled for her opponent. So we changed the rules for this and for the following matches in order to give Szilvia a chance: Her opponents could win a fall only when they applied a textbook sgpin for a count to ten while Szilvia could use the full variety of pins and submissions. The second match is Bea and Szilvia with wet, topless bodies and there are the same rules. What a sexy sight. The third match is a rematch giving Szilvia a better chance by starting with the handicap rules from the very begin. In all three matches you’ll see long textbook sgpins. A festival for beautiful females fixed in long and competitive sgpins. A sgpin festival!

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Orsi (19) vs Szilvia (25)
Bea S. (23)vs Szilvia (25) (wet bodies)
Orsi (19) vs Szilvia (25) (rematch)

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Duration 26 minutes
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