MOVIES-909 Luna vs Bea S.


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This is an exciting and hard international wrestling match between strong Luna and skilled and experienced Bea S. Although Luna is a little bit bigger and heavier than Bea, Bea is feared and infamous for her deadly headlocks as well as for her deadly scissors. Luna however doesn’t show any respect at all. Although she’s soon finding herself locked in one of those deadly headlocks, she’s showing her great fighting spirit and using her body and her aggressiveness. She’s soon turning this fight into a kind of street fight, but Bea is fighting back with all she could do. Finally there is a great psychological end in this fight when one woman shows us quite spectacular that she became afraid of her opponent’s determination. If you want to see a real fight to the finish, this is it! Since we did already present you our wonderful and informative event introduction scenes in 8 of the previously released event videos, we did waive it now, and therefore the complete time of the displayed video will actually be their wrestling match.

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