DWW-437-02 HWW Xmas Event 2006
Orsi vs Antscha


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Orsi vs Antscha

Although already pretty much exhausted after their 3rd and sometimes even 4th match of the day, the 4 semi finalists wrestled themselves to real exhaustion and gave absolutely everything they had to win their matches. None of the winners had an easy time. The final was specially exciting as it had to go to a definite decision. The winner was very proud but you can see the exhaustion in her face, too. They all gave 100%. If you are a real female wrestling fan and if you enjoy to watch some of the best skilled and some of the best and strongest female wrestlers then you shouldn’t miss this one. If you prefer certain positions or some playful wrestling you probably wouldn’t be entertained enough, but if you like the real sports and real female muscles and wrestling skills and almost unreal fighting spirit then there couldn’t be any better than this one.
For information about the rules and the tournament structure please read the lengthy description provided with DWW-432.

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Featuring 3 matches: the 2 semi finals
Zsuzsa (23) topless vs Bea S. (23) topless
Antscha (28) topless vs Orsi (20) topless
Plus the topless final match of this elimination tournament

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Duration 20 minutes
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