DWW-455 Daniela vs Max


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This is an exciting mixed wrestling match if you want to watch a guy being totally humiliated and dominated by the stronger and bigger woman. At that time, Daniela presented her best wrestling skills and she was in great shape. Max, however, was a beginner. Better for him if he shouldn’t have said that women aren’t strong enough for guys. Having heard that, Daniela was eager to teach him a lesson. She enjoyed sitting on him, and she enjoyed squeezing his body and his head with her powerful thighs. She was teasing him verbally, too. There are no subtitles because you will definitely understand what that “teasing” means. She said that he’s too weak for her, that he should try harder, that he’s no match for her and that he shouldn’t show any signs of enjoyment while his head was being squeezed between her thighs, etc..

Of course, Max was trying hard but he didn’t have any chance at all. This girl was too much for him. What’s particularly exciting in this match is how much Daniela enjoyed pummeling and humiliating that weaker guy. This isn’t fake. What was even worse for Max’s pride was the matter of fact that Tiffany and a few other girls were watching his humiliation and particularly Tiffany was loud laughing at him while he was desperately struggling. Daniela was in such good shape on that day that quite obviously most other guys would have been helpless against her in a fight, too.

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Duration 21 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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