EU-083-02 Mixed Wrestling with Long Pins
Luzia vs Robin


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Luzia vs Robin

– (previously published as Fight of the Month FOM-598)

Petr, Libor and Robin are good friends. They think they are very tough, at least when together as a gang, just like most teenagers. Petr has already wrestled for DWW and he told his friends about the strong girls. Since which they called him “chicken”. They would not believe that they could be pinned by a girl of their age and weight. So Petr asked us if we could arrange for his friends to learn their lesson too. We gladly agreed and put the new boys up against two strong, confident young women, Luzia and Antonia. Outside on the grass, the girls wear long, tight jeans and tops, the boys jeans and t-shirts. The rules were special: pin-submissions only. No counting. If one could not bear the long pin any longer, he or she had to submit. These were real matches which ended with some very surprised boys. Clearly, each boy would have paid to wrestle with Luzia (who wouldn’t?), on the other hand, their frustration was quite visible. And the nightmare was taking place in front of their amused friends!

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Mixed wrestling matches on grass
Antonia (20) vs. Petr (18); Luzia (18) vs. Robin (20)

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Duration 37 minutes
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