EU-098-01 The Textbook Schoolgirl Pin
Luzia vs Robert


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Luzia vs Robert

This is a wonderful tape for fans of long schoolgirlpins. Produced for a sponsor who likes to see the girls dominating men in long schoolgirlpins this tape is a winner. Both Luzia and Barbara are strong and know how to wrestle and how to apply this pin. It wasn’t easy for us to find boys willing to compete against these two strong amazons since it was clear for everybody that there isn’t much of a chance for untrained young men against these two women. And not many men like the idea of looking helpless into a camera. Both girls and men wear long jeans in these matches. While the men had tshirts the girls had croptops. The first match with Luzia was scheduled for long schoolgirl pins on a mat. That pin had to be applied so long that the helpless victim would cry “uncle”. There was no count. The second match happend in the garden on grass and there was a count to ten scheduled for the pin. If you like to see two gorgeous female athletes wrestling and dominating two struggling young men in long schoolgirlpins then this tape is for you!

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Luzia (19) vs Robert (18)
Barbara (21) vs Tom (26)

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Duration 33 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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