FOM-294 Eva vs Xana


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Fight of the Month # 294 (November 2007)
Eva (22), Xana (23)

This is an oil wrestling submission match from our 2003 event between two of the best wrestlers at this time. Xana is already well known as a muscular expert wrestler while Eva as one of DWW’s best and most beautiful wrestlers ever. Moreover, we believe that Eva is one of the most intelligent wrestlers on the mat, using her body and her advantages every time at its best and actually “reading” the progress of the match and the next actions of her opponent in advance. We believe that this is the most competitive and probably best oil wrestling match that took ever place in female wrestling history. If their oiled skin wouldn’t glisten in the lights you’d believe that you’re right now watching a world championship submission match ! This is a real diamond for our web club members. Don’t miss it ! Much recommended.

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